Look More Professional Using Google Apps for your Email, Not Gmail

Learn how easy it is to use Google Apps to get your business or personal brand email using your domain name.

Why You Should Stop Using Gmail for Your Personal Brand or Business Email. You’re stuck with it. Like it, love it, or hate it. Email is part of your business or personal brand.  Tons of personal brands and businesses use Gmail (or a Yahoo or Hotmail account). You grabbed a...
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Micro No. 4- Don’t Be a Crash Test Dummy, Dummy

A daily micro lesson for smarter marketing for your personal brand and business.

Don’t Be a Crash Test Dummy, Dummy This reminder came crashing down whilst listening to a podcast. I say ‘whilst’ because the guest was British…and female. “Why do you mention she’s female?”, you ask. Because I’d be a dummy not to! Let me explain. If You’re a Dummy Like Me,...
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You Need a Hero

To be more specific, your website needs a hero.

Yes, your website needs a hero. Great stories feature a hero and a villain. And here’s an important point to remember… Both heroes AND villains have powers that influence! But this article isn’t about stories. It’s about your website. Your website has a hero.  And in this article, I’m going...
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Why I Don’t Recommend Bluehost (And Many Other Popular, Cheap WordPress Hosts)

What most online influencers are not telling you about their WordPress host recommendation.

Do you really know who’s hosting your WordPress party? You might be surprised. If you want a WordPress website, you need a WordPress host. There are a zillion options for hosting your WordPress site. Unfortunately, I don’t recommend many of the popular options. What’s Wrong with Bluehost (And Other Often-Recommended...
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Spark, Issue No. 5 (Lessons from Top Podcasts)-5 Counterintuitive Personal Branding Lessons

5 Counterintuitive Personal Branding Lessons from Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia.

  The prayer request came in two days before Thanksgiving. I was slurping a cup of smooth Columbian coffee when I was politely interrupted. “Hey! Sorry to bother you. Are you going to be there Thursday?” she said with a warm smile.  She’s about my age. Fit and trim, the...
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The One Thing Preventing You from Writing More Blog Articles (And 5 Tips to Fix It)

There is ONE THING stopping you from writing more blog articles for your personal brand. And you can fix it TODAY.

The One Thing Preventing You from Writing More Blog Articles (And 5 Tips to Fix It) “I’m just not a writer.” Ever said that before? The answer is “Yes” for the vast majority in the personal branding space. Sure, there are exceptions. But I’ve found even writers—copywriters and authors—are intimidated...
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Personal Brands Need This More Than Marketing Tactics

Are You Neglecting Who Your Personal Brand Is in your marketing?

Don’t Flush This Out of Your Personal Brand Don’t Flush This Out of Your Personal Brand I grew up in the ’70s. Which means I grew up with full-size urinals. Economy of size and space was not a priority. We weren’t concerned with ultra-low-flush toilets. The government didn’t tell us...
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The Nature of Following (A Reflection on Social Media for Personal Brands)

6 Lessons Learned from social media marketing for personal brands…warning—it gets personal.

With the sun over my shoulder, I pause. My eyes drop down and fixate on the red clay in front of me. I follow the edges. They burst with contrast. Light and dark. Changing on a razor’s edge. Over pebbles, into cracks, everything directly in front of me is blanketed....
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Empathy Has Two Sides in Your Marketing (And One Side Is Devilishly Dark)

The revealing truth about how empathy in marketing can backfire and do harm to your personal brand and your customer

‘Vollent’. (Pronounced, Vō-lent.) Yes, you read that correctly. No, it’s not a typo. It’s the name my International friend took when he came to the States for education. Only later did he discover it’s not an English word or a name…or anything. Instead, it’s a weird mashup of two English...
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Micro No. 3- Can a Sandwich Clarify Your Marketing?

A daily micro lesson for smarter marketing for your personal brand and business.

I eat at Walmart. I’m not proud of it. Well, I should back-up. I go to Walmart to get lunch sometimes. It’s just around the corner from my house. I always park down near the garden center. It’s a little out-of-the-way. But there’s close parking every time. I have headphones...
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